FAQ Support

1. How do I set up email?

First, the account must be created on ProSolutions servers. To find instructions on how to set up your email client, go to e-mail support

2. How can I change my email or ftp password?

You can request your password to be changed by sending a email to support with all pertent information

3. Do you offer web mail?

Yes it can be accessed at http://mail.prosolutionsinc.com/iclient

4. I am trying to send a large file, but it says the file is to big?

ProSolutions has set a limit of 10 Megabytes for all mailboxs (unless you have purchased extra) This means that customers are unable to send mail that is larger than the mailbox size. Receiving mail is also restricted to 10 megabytes.

5. How can a change the password for my Email?

You can reset your password when logging in to the web access ( http://mail.prosolutionsinc.com/iclient) If you have forgoten your current password you can request us to reset it by sending an email to support@ProSolutionsinc.com.

6. Why does my email take more than a few minutes to reach its destination?

Due to congestion on the Internet, email doesn't always get delivered immediately. Unfortunately, there is very little that you can do about this other than to send your email during off-peak times.

7. How much Web space is available?

This will depend on the type of plan you purchased

8. Can I purchase additional web space?


9. Does ProSolutions support FrontPage?

Yes, ProSolutions provides FrontPage Extensions at no extra cost but you must request it.

10. What HTML editors does ProSolutions support?

You may use any HTML editor to create your web pages. However uploading varies with each.

11. How do I ftp new pages to my site.

Click here for information on FTP

12. How do I upload to my Personal Web Account?

See our tutorial on uploading via an HTML editor or a standard FTP client. Coming Soon...

13. What FTP clients can I use?

You may use any FTP client you wish.

14. Can I use Macromedia's Shockwave ?

Shockwave is supported

15. Can I use Real Audio or windows Media player?

You can as a download we do not support streaming at this time

16. Can I use Databases with FrontPage.

Yes, we support access and mssql

17. Can I use Javascript or VBscript?

Yes, you can use both.

18. Will ProSolutions help me write my web site using html or ASP code?

ProSolutions can design and develop any sites at a charge. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

19. What do I name my home page?

You can name your homepage anything you choose but if it is not one of the following then you need to notify ProSolutions. index.htm, index.asp, default.htm, or default.asp.

20. What is a Domain Name?

Your Domain Name is your identity on the Internet. It is like having your own phone number. Essentially, Domain Names serve as routing addresses on the Internet. Each Domain Name corresponds to its IP address

21. What is allowed in a Domain Name?

The only characters allowed in a Domain Name are the 26 letters of the English alphabet, numbers 0-9, and hyphens (-). A domain cannot begin or end with a hyphen, but it may contain one or more hyphens. You may use up to 63 characters plus the gTLD (generic Top Level Domain: .com, .net, and .org) as part of the Domain Name. Each ccTLD (country code TLD) Registry has its own restrictions on the length and format. Domain Names are not case sensitive and are usually displayed in all lowercase. You may, however, use capital letters to emphasis words in your Domain Name, like: DavysKitchen.com

22. Who owns my domain name?

The Registrant or person or organization listed in "WHOIS" owns the Domain Name. WHOIS is the name of the database required of all Registrars that contains information about the Domain Name, nameservers, and registration and sometimes the expiration dates.

23. Where will my Domain Name reside?

ProSolutions provides name servers upon registration of new domain names. A Domain Name server is a machine connected to the Internet that identifies unique Domain Names (Web addresses) or Internet sites. Domain Name registration requires both a primary and a secondary nameserver. Each consists of a host name and a unique IP address. These house the Domain Name System information about the Domain Names hosted by the nameservers. These nameservers must be registered with the Domain Name Registry.

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